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kubota silent generator

Any generator set application can be integrated with an Automatic Transfer Switch(ATS) to make an approach that the generator will be ignited automatically when the mains power fails,and the generator will be shut down when the the mains power recovers.

Base Station Application

When mains power supply fails(Both cut-off or lower voltage), the generator set will run and supply standby power to base station automatically by ATS system. The whole process can be monitored and controlled by the computer or cell phone.

silent genset ricardo

Construction Site Application

When there is no mains power supply or mains fails, the movable generator will work as rated power to support the carry-on of the construction.

silent genset cummins

Hospital Application

In case of any mains failure emergency(including malfuction of lower/higher voltage and lower/higher frequency), the diesel generator integrated with intellegent controller and ATS will start automatically and transfer the stable power to the hospital in no time. The electric engineer can also manipulate the generator set in the mobile.

perkins silent genset

Hotel Application

Each and every hotel should set up a genset as standby power if the mains power fails to guarantee the firefighting system, lift system, and air-condition system.

low noise genset deutz

Super Market Or Factory Application
The standby generator is rather necessary to any super market and factory to support the continuous running of them when mains failure occurs.

kubota low noise genset

Village Applicaion

Several pcs of generators can be incoperated to work harmoniously by gensets paralleling system as standby power of a village.By measuring exact consumption of electricity, the paralleling system will decide how many gensets should be ignited or shutdowned automatically.

silent diesel generator set

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